Professional Training / Seminars

Professional Training / Seminars For:

Counselors, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Medical Personnel, Educators, Teachers and Other Professionals. CEU's available.


Connie Robillard and Marcel A. Duclos are both psychotherapists in NH who provide training for those who want to learn more about healing from the long term effects of trauma. The training is based on our book, Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma and includes an original documentary. Training is experiential in nature.

  • Clinical Workshops

  • In-Service Trainings

  • Public Presentations

  • Guest Speakers

We design training programs to fit your needs including content, time and place. Three hour, six hour and two day trainings available. Call today for a consultation on how we can work with you.


Now booking for future dates - Call 603-432-0581 or email us to invite Connie and Marcel to bring their workshops and documentary on Sexual Abuse Treatment to your conference, treatment center or education program.

Current Seminars

Training group: What Tools Fit MY Tool Belt?
Participants will participate in a sampling of IFS, EMDR, Body Psychotherapy & Expressive Work
  • Participants will be able to:  Understand the basic principals behind each model of treatment
  • Have an opportunity to  experience/observe - get a feel for the tools
  • Be able to attune themselves to their own inner selves, what they need & then attune themselves to the other.
This is an introductory class to a series of more in depth series of training on mixing and matching models to fit client needs.
Classes will start in September

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Training programs are held at Eventide Counseling, Route 102, Londonderry, NH and are portable. Call or email us about bringing our training to you - your group, agency, hospital or wherever you are.


Portable Trainings:

The Body Speaks
Understanding clients through body - body/mind connection call for body/mind treatment.
Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma
  • The long term effects of trauma
  • Where it lives in the body
  • It's effect on Body/mind
  • Trauma Treatment
This can include the documentary:  Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma depending on the length of training session.


What's New & Ready to Go

The Documentary: Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma
Film/book discussion sessions available for civic groups, fund raisers, parents and educators. Medical personnel, substance abuse programs, mental health providers and anyone who works with or knows someone who has experienced sexual or emotional abuse.

This film is not for sale at this time.



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"Self Talk: Essentials for Trauma Treatment"


This experiential workshop offers an understanding of somatic and internal traumatic reactions associated with PTSD and complex trauma.


Experimenting with gentle treatment modalities including Internal Family Systems Therapy and body psychotherapy participants will learn to use their body responses as treatment markers, enhance treatment approaches and increase self care.

  • Participants will be able to attune themselves with the client and at the same time remain unblended from the client’s abreacting parts.

  • Will be able to detect one or two of their own activated, triggered or troubling parts.

  • Will be able to use imagery, cognitions, feelings, sensations, movement, body alignment and breathing in the service of being more fully present to self and to others.


We also offer: Child Sexual Abuse Seminars


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Connie Robillard, MA


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Connie and Marcel's new book "Cultivating Hope With Abuse Survivors has been released and is now available!

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