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The Eyes Have It: Ocular Melanoma
Writings By Individuals Touched By Ocular Melanoma

Authored by Connie Robillard MA

ISBN: 1481991159

EAN13: 9781481991155

Page Count: 250


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The authors of this book are the people whose lives have been affected by this disease; OM warriors, family members, friends and care givers. Ocular Melanoma is a rare cancer of the eye. Seven people in a million will be diagnosed with this cancer this year. Fifty percent of those diagnosed will have metastasis to the liver, lungs and other organs. Many of warriors of OM die. This book is a fund raiser. The profit from this book will be donated to CURE OM, an organization dedicated to funding the research that will find a cure for ocular melanoma. Rare cancers, like OM rely on the funding of individuals and organizations like CURE OM. Help us find a cure.

Did You Ever Cry For A Dinosaur?

ISBN-10: 1479303518

ISBN-13: 978-1479303519

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Ages 5-8  A child's first ecology. This book educates children about the rights of animals and gives a child a way to help. This is the first book in a series of  I Can Help Book.


Using the dinosaur as an example of going extinct or "Kaput" is another word if you chose," this book reminds children to not take crabs, snails and starfish home with them. We want more starfish and wonderful ocean species to grow and thrive.  Your child will get into the spirit of helping, increase their compassion for wildlife  and inspire them in ways that will last a lifetime.

Documentary on DVD

Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma DVD


54 minutes, NTSC

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Listen closely as Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos speak the secrets of the sexual abuse that was kept from their families for more than half a century. Revealing and evocative this film takes you beyond these two lives, to the familiar life themes observed in your students, clients and family members. This film might even simulate your own story. As therapists Marcel and Connie they specialize in the treatment of trauma; they are no strangers to the residual effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Developmental Trauma and Domestic Violence. Amber Ward directs this feature-length documentary...

Cultivating Hope With Abuse Survivors


ISBN-10: 1453825940

ISBN-13: 978-1453825945

346 pages


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This book takes you through the life cycle of individuals who were abused as children.  We stop at the potential places of intervention, treatment and healing.  We want to bring awareness as to how abuse changes lives, alters brain function and has far-reaching, long-term effects.


Our goal is to bring clarity that abuse is never a private assault on one child or one family.  It is a problem that affects each of us.  We believe we can be vigilant enough to protect children yet, if we pay attention to how the seeds of abuse spread, we will realize that it is more difficult than we care to acknowledge.  Notice the growing violence in your community, nation, and world and then think about children, poverty, and neglect.  It is critical to think outside the scope of what we have learned so far about prevention and treatment.

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
146 pages

Necessary Illusions: Musings of a Man & Woman


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Relationships are hard. Fifty percent of marriages fail unnecessarily. This book is dedicated to bursting the bubble of the illusion that is described as love.

In this book you will find yourself in the complex and common struggles that drive people crazy, keep them fascinated, pull them apart and lock them together for better or worse.

Created by Connie Robillard MA, LCMHC and Marcel, M. Ed., M.Th. Duclos, We promise this book will bring you wisdom, tears, laughter and self recognition.

7" x 10"

(17.78 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
78 pages

A Doorway in the Desert

Connie Robillard, Authored with Marcel Duclos, Authored with Ernest Gault

ISBN-10: 1470040654
BISAC: Fiction / Psychological


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This is a fictional tale of an old priest, long dead, a ghost story of sorts. The authors, Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos, both psychotherapists delve into their years of work with traumatized clients to create the characters of this book. Naomi and her Native American grandmother bring to the story a rich backdrop of the world of nature, spirit and life well lived in the present moment.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Robillard and Duclos are both Certified Internal Family Systems Therapists. The basic concept of IFS Therapy is the multiplicity of the mind and the parts of us that attempt to protect and guide us, even when they are wounded. This book, while not clinical in nature, demonstrates well defined parts of the personality in mood and tone.

The photography of Ernest Gault enhances the text, adding interest and punctuation to this beautiful story of living life fully to the end.

Tara Goodell contributed the cover photographs of San Xavier Mission, Tucson AZ. A resident of Tucson, she has loved this mission since she was a child. A passion for photography she continues to live with her husband and children in Tucson. She is the owner of Goodell Photography.

Common Threads Stories of Life After Trauma

ISBN-13: 978-1453707746
ISBN-10: 1453707743
BISAC: Self-Help / Abuse

Authored by Duclos & Robillard


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This is the story of two psychotherapists who have worked in the field of trauma and healing. They join together for the purpose of creating a book, which brings the reader inside the lives of frightened children.

Through art, poetry and short stories the reader travels through time as these children grow, change, make choices and become adults. The threads of abuse follow them influencing their lives in what appears to be mysterious ways.

This book brings us closer to the reality of the far-reaching effects of trauma and child sexual abuse. At the same time, it is the story of courage, resiliency and the ability to heal...


Books by Other Authors

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from other countries who are the survivors of child abuse.

Defining Moments  For Therapists

If therapy is a relational process, it takes a person on the therapist's end. The goal of the project is to capture the therapist's evolving sense of self as it is shaped by our experiences as active participants in a creative interaction. The essays in this book are first-person accounts, by eleven therapists, of some "Aha!" moments when they got to understand themselves better, and to understand better why they do what they do. See more about the contents of the book.

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Still a Dad
Still a Dad provides a rarely seen perspective on divorce: the father's point of view. Still a Dad
validates the hurt and anger that many divorced dads feel, starting with the shock of being treated like the disposable parent. But it doesn't stop there. It goes on to deliver an inspiring message of hope, as well as practical advice on dealing with powerlessness, managing conflict, and being the best father you can be.

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Stepchildren Speak: 10 Grown-up Stepchildren Teach Us How to Build Healthy Stepfamilies

(AYWN Publications, 2005, 180 pages) won an I-Parenting Award in 2006 and was featured in an article in the April 2009 Library Journal. Millions of kids in the U.S. now live in stepfamilies. Stepchildren Speak offers advice and comfort for both teens and their parents, all struggling to learn to live in peace in stepfamilies. Stepchildren themselves, now in their twenties and thirties (young enough to remember, but old enough to have gained some perspective), have written this book. The author interviewed them and wrote their stories, taking care to preserve their words and feelings. Susan, an educator and journalist, understands the issues because she is a mom and stepmom herself. In her book, each stepchild tells his or her story and then offers advice for parents, stepparents, and stepchildren. They are a diverse group: black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, male, female, poor and affluent. Their stories are poignant and true.
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Ellen Bass's Newest Book of Poetry: The Human Line
With a deft touch and a sure voice Bass takes on many of the crucial moral issues of our times, and she delights with portrayals of life's endearing absurdities. Offering homage to each transient moment, she reminds us to treasure the small, the plain, the surprising those instances that lash us to the human line.
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Parts Work coverParts Work: An Illustrated Guide To Your Inner Life
This book brings IFS to life in an exceptionally clear and captivating way. Between the evocative and fun illustrations, the living room metaphor, and the integration with Buddhism, it presents a wonderfully creative vision of the way our parts dance with each other and with us in our minds. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about the IFS model or about their inner lives.
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Body Psychotherapy
Body psychotherapy, which examines the relationship of bodily and physical experiences to emotional and psychological experiences, seems at first glance to be a relatively new area and on the cutting edge of psychotherapeutic theory and practice. It is, but the major concepts of body/mind treatment are actually drawn from a wide range of historical material, material that spans centuries and continents.

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