Notes From Connie

Notes from Connie, Spring 2013


I am putting together a new book – The Eyes Have It: Ocular Melanoma. It will be available by summer.

A fund raiser for an organization called CURE OM.

I say putting together a book, rather than writing a new book because I have invited people who have this disease to join me in writing their stories. Each story is a chapter of the book.

Many of the authors are noticing that writing is healing. Some of them plan to expand their stories into a book of their own.

The reason that I decided to organize this project is that I wanted to do something to raise money for eye cancer research.  Ocular Melanoma is an orphan disease; only seven people in a million get OM. For that reason there is a lack of money for research and without research there will not be a cure. There is a fifty percent mortality rate for OM patients. The disease is called “the beast” for a reason.  You may know, Dr. Oliver Sacks, the author of The Mind’s Eye and Resurrection. Dr. Sacks also has OM.

The Eyes Have It: Ocular Melanoma is filled with inspiring stories of courage and strength that will appeal to everyone who struggles with life.  Stay tuned for this new project.

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