Marriage Counseling



Why Go To Marriage Counseling?


Marriage Counseling is one of the most effective ways to improve a marriage or relationship. Most of the time what couples argue about has nothing to do with the problem that they are experiencing.  That is the reason that they cannot solve the marriage problem themselves.


Marital problems are like a slow growing plant. They start out as a seed, hardly noticeable and as the problems grow the parts that show grow larger. Then they get fertilized by daily issues and before long there is a plant growing right inside our house that is so large and out of control that we don't even know what it is anymore.


Out of control marriages get to look pretty frightening if we just look at the outside.


Even the best gardeners have a hard time pruning away the overgrowth of problems themselves.


Marriage counselors become a fresh set of eyes to look at the problem and help a couple find the root of how this all got started.


The good news about couples counseling and marriage counseling is that if couples can find the seed quickly before it has a chance to take root - things are so much easier to resolve.


The smaller the plant the easier the work.


The message is: Really, don't wait for marriage problems or relationship problems to become large and overgrown. Call as soon as you know there is a problem growing between you and your partner. Eventide Counseling is "A Safe Place to Heal."


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