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Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma

Imagine yourself in the safe place…

A place where you do not have to stand tall nor stoop low, a place where you can simply be.


Therapists,  Marcel A. Duclos MTH, MED, NH-LCMHC, AZ-RLPC & RLISAC & Connie Robillard, MA have created a a documentary in partnership with film maker, Amber Ward, based on their book, Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma..

This film speaks about and for children who have experienced abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and trauma.  They honor the wounded inner parts of personality that seek safety.

Using life themes, natural beauty and artistic images the story of two children, a boy and a girl is brought into the light. This film contrasts the innocence of childhood with dark themes of sexual abuse.

The therapists’ voices speak of the traumatic patterns that invade the thinking, self concept and choices made by those whose lives have been impacted by sexual and emotional abuse and trauma.

Connie and Marcel speak from both a professional and personal perspective.


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"Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma"





Connie Robillard & Marcel Duclos are available for workshops and as guest speakers. Rates based on distance and time spent.


A new book is in progress that will include film and book discussion questions. A sample of those questions will be included with the purchase of the DVD and 6 or more books.




The child sings and sings

Songs of poetry

Songs of beauty


She drums out her pain

into patterns of


Dark, light complementary

shades of pain and joy.


Weaving threads

strong and sturdy into

the fabric of survival.




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Certified IFS Therapists

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors


Connie Robillard, MA


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Connie and Marcel's new book "Cultivating Hope With Abuse Survivors has been released and is now available!

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