Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma

by Connie Robillard & Marcel A. Duclos

This is the story of two psychotherapists who have worked in the field of trauma and healing. They join together for the purpose of creating a book, which brings the reader inside the lives of frightened children.

Through art, poetry and short stories the reader travels through time as these children grow, change, make choices and become adults. The threads of abuse follow them influencing their lives in what appears to be mysterious ways.

This book brings us closer to the reality of the far-reaching effects of trauma and child sexual abuse. At the same time, it is the story of courage, resiliency and the ability to heal.

There is one purpose for this literary journey - healing.

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Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos have also created a Documentary on DVD based on this book.




A Doorway in the Desert

An e-book by Connie Robillard & Marcel A. Duclos

Photography by Ernest Gault


Do we enter into a vision or do our hearts see what is really before us in all of its truth, goodness, beauty and love?


The characters in this story are on an internal quest. They travel to a Native American mission in an effort to find what they need. Each learns, in their own way, that prayers are not answered within time and space.


An old man, long passed over to the other side, lingers on among the people he loves. Some are strangers and yet he knows them. He understands their world from the inside out. He remains part of an earthly life in a holy place.


A twenty first century woman senses the old man’s presence and a story unfolds that brings the reader into the world of universal themes.


Those in need seek refuge from fear and loss. They enter the mission with hope and leave through the same doorway, forever changed.


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Watering the Cracks in the Sidewalk

        Cultivating Hope With Child Abuse Survivors


A woman bends close to gray concrete,
Watering the weeds that grow between the sidewalk cracks.

Some would call her insane.

But she is witness to the life that bends,
Twists and grows determinedly
green in a gray, unwelcoming place.

She waters weeds between sidewalk cracks,
aiding, honoring, paying tribute to
the life of hope.

 ~ From Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma


“The human mind is naturally divided into parts. The parts of one person demonstrate different temperaments, talents desires, ages and gender. Together they form an internal family, which organizes in the same way as other human systems.”

 Richard Swartz & Regina Goulding - The Mosaic Mind, 1995


The goal of this book is to bring awareness and understanding to the struggles of children.  Growing children is like growing plants -all of them need individualized care.


As human parents and caregivers we make mistakes.  For that reason all children are vulnerable to abuse. Trauma is measured in degrees, longevity and by the depth of psychological wounds.


As authors, we share our stories from an inner place rather then a historically accurate place. Human beings experience traumatic events through parts of their internal emotional system.  Different parts of us wrote these chapters, poems and commentaries.


As you read, take time to notice the different parts of you that become emotionally activated by the writings.


Welcome all of your parts because like children, whether they have grown in primarily supportive or inhospitable places, they are all good.


Connie Robillard and Marcel A. Duclos


 “Entering into the world of trauma is like looking into a fractured glass: the familiar appears disjointed and disturbing.”



This book and DVD are  extraordinary.  In listening to Connie and Marcel’s stories, I am in moved by their  clarity and their humanness. They deliver their truth thoughtfully, clearly with courage and dignity . Cultivating Hope for Abuse Survivors will be a rich resource for all kinds of people struggling to heal from trauma. I can envision referring this to clients and students, colleagues, friends and  to anyone facing the journey toward recovery.


Thank you Marcel and Connie for being brave enough to bring your personal accounts forward in the service of others. This makes your project truly remarkable.


Toni Herbine-Blank MSN

Senior Trainer, Internal Family Systems Therapy


NH Counseling Association


Certified IFS Therapists

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors


Connie Robillard, MA


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