"How Will You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?"

By Connie Robillard


How Will You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

June is the season of brides, grooms, white wedding cake and sparkling glasses of champagne. Marriage starts out filled with beautiful flowers, shining faces and photographs to remember.


Each wedding is a ritual of expressed love between two people who vow to stay together forever. It is the giving of rings, the symbolic circle that never ends. A gift that represents an outward and visible sign of eternal love.


I have barely known anyone who, on their wedding day, believed that some day they would be divorced. Yet over fifty percent of all marriages end that way.


"Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell.


Emily Dickenson          


How do we know when there is no hope for a relationship? Think of the marriage like a patient How much pain is the marriage in?


Physical abuse is the place where I recommend pulling the plug on a relationship. 


Dangers Signs:

Emotional abuse that involves children, finances, family and attempts at isolation are the next level of serious problems that require immediate attention.


Treatable Stages of Couple Distress:

  • Problems getting along.

  • Patterns of triggering and upset.

  • Distrust.

  • Attraction issues.

  • Changes in emotional levels of attachment.

  • Adjustment to changes within the family:

  • New baby changes.

  • His, Hers & our children

  • Empty Nest

  • Retirement adjustments

  • In laws & out-laws

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